Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Chef

Cooking for friends and loved ones can be a very rewarding experience.  It doesn't have to be silver service or a la carte cuisine.  Stay in your passion and skill set range.  Invite some friends for a BBQ or do drinks and some finger food.  Make your family some fun muffins (like the Cherry Ripe Muffins I posted on one of my other blogs; http://inspiremotivatecreateachieve.blogspot.com/).  What about a morning or afternoon tea, a healthy lunch or breakfast.  If there are a few of you who like cooking different things, organise a progressive dinner (remember those-where you have different courses at different people's homes enlisting the help of a designated driver of course if you are having a few drinks as well).  Or there is the reverse dinner, where you start off with after dinner mints, coffee and a cheese platter, then dessert, then main meal and finishing off with an entree or nibblies.  You can have as many courses as people who are participating or you can do it all in one home.  Cooking is another creative solution to help you focus in the present.  So relax and enjoy the actual process the next time you decide to be the Happy Chef.

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