Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Incorrect Assumptions

I have been 'waiting' (of sorts) to hear from someone for some weeks now.  Occasionally, I have bandied about the idea in my head that perhaps I have done something to upset that person, or when I said or did 'X' that person may have taken offense to that.  That's how our mind works, isn't it?  You think about stuff that, in reality, may or may not have happened but your mind tries to put the worst ever spin on things sometimes.  This has happened so many times to me and then I will eventually here from that person and they will say they have been extremely busy, or something happened in their life and they just weren't able to talk about it to anyone because it helped not to talk about it or for whatever reason they didn't get in touch, it was all innocent.
It's funny how with little or no 'evidence' our mind can create such an imaginative story from our underlying fears.  The truth usually isn't anywhere near as sinister as our mind makes it out to be.
Some things that I try in situations like this when I am waiting to be in contact with someone:
1. Take some deep breaths.  Yes I know, it seems like it's my answer to everything.  It really does help.
2. Try to be in the present and try to be focusing on the people, places and events I am in contact with now and enjoy them.
3. If that is the case and someone has taken offence or become upset and haven't taken the time to discuss it with me, there really isn't a lot I can do about it anyway.  Let it go.  I know I have absolutely no control over other people, I only have control over myself and what I do (and I say this to myself over and over to try to reassure myself when I start thinking about not communicating with this other person).
4. Try to stay busy instead of sitting around idle.  When I'm busy, I live more in the present.
5. Write a letter or write some notes in a journal.  Not to send it or give it to that person, more like a cleansing process for my mind and heart.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unique Experiences

Sometimes really important or really amazing events happen in our lives only once. What can happen as we are living those experiences is that we are so focused in our mind on something else: stress, other plans, what's missing, what I should be doing, etc. that the event is over before we get to enjoy it. If we are fully present in our lives, it can make the one off experiences far more enjoyable.
So how do you switch off your mind during these experiences?
1. Take deep breaths, focusing only on your breathing for 3-5 breaths.
2. Notice everything that is happening around you, even to the point of speaking about it to yourself.
3.Observe what everyone is doing & what is happening without thinking it's good or bad.
4. Use your senses; what can you smell, what can you hear, what can you see, what can you feel, what can you taste.
5. Think about what you would see as the things you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste that you are most grateful for.
Is tomorrow an event that happens only once in your life?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Listen to your Intuition

Can you hear your intuition?  I know when I am very stressed and not living in the present, I find it difficult to hear my intuition.  Take last year for example.  My son was ill.  I took him to the doctor on about day 2.  The doctor wasn't helpful at all and in fact made insinuations about his health that I found insulting to him and to me.  I found another doctor, etc.  Eventually, after 3 months, the medical world said they had done all they could and they had no explanations as to what was happening.  Out of sheer desperation I started going to naturopaths.  The first one I saw who apparently specialised in helping stomach disorders in children obviously had her own beliefs and was not the solution.  Then I found "Achieving Health".  I even love the name.  They were very supportive and were a solution right from our first visit. 
Now, when I went to the first doctor and she was no help, I did have a little voice in my head say 'take him to a naturopath' however I didn't listen to it.  I was very stressed about what it might be and didn't want to mess around with something that might not fix him.  I'm wondering if I was living in the present, might I have listened to that little voice.  It would have saved me a lot of time, money and heartache!
And I know hindsight is a wonderful thing, however I really do believe that when you are more present in your life, you are able to hear your intuition more clearly.  I guess that's just one of the reasons why finding 5 or 10 mins a day to be in the now is very important. 
Some things I use to help me be present are:
1. Close my eyes and focus on my breathing.
2. Create something; baking, scrapbooking, photography are my things to help me be present.
3. If I can go somewhere that is beautiful to look at; the beach, a hill to look at the skyline of Surfers, the park.  They all instantly bring me into the now as they eye candy and I can't help not be there soaking up their beauty.
4. Do something with my full attention.  Like now, writing this blog, I am totally obsorbed in writing.  I am not thinking of something else (it's impossible for me to write and think of something else anyway!).
5. I spend 5 or so minutes focused on one thing.  It could be flower in the garden, my bliss-o-rama board, a photo.  I try to absorb as much about that one thing as I can.

So what will you do today to bring yourself into the present and allow your intuition to come through?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grantham Need Your Help

When the inland tsunami hit Grantham on 10 January 2011, they had little warning of it's arrival.  It tore a small, close knit community into tiny pieces and spat it out the other end.  The loss and devastation in Grantham has been unfathomable for most of us.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot understand what they have been through and are still continuing to live with.
To compound matters, when everyone else affected by the flooding received Australia wide assistance from volunteers, for the most part, Grantham was isolated; declared 'a crime scene' so the army and emergency personnel could perform the grim task of making the area safe and searching for victims.
Then we all went back to our lives.  Here we are over two months on and going about our daily routine.  Yet the people of Grantham are still in need of our assistance; whatever we can provide.
Do you have a few hours or a day to help out Grantham?  Or maybe you have no time to help but a few gold coins in a money box at home?
If you live on the Gold Coast, there are two ways you can help out.  Firstly, if you have a day you can spare, PCYC Monaco Street, are organising a bus to take volunteers to Grantham on Sunday, 27 March (this coming Sunday).  If you can spare a few hours, but not on Sunday, I have volunteered to supply the volunteers with morning and afternoon teas so you may be able to bake something.  If you have a few spare gold coins and no time, water and poppers would also be gladly received by the volunteers on the day.
Please, if you can help in any way, contact me by phone on 0428 391 890 or by email (go to 'view my complete profile on the right hand side of this blog then click on 'email me' link) so I can provide you with more details.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A lot of us have them. Some help us, some hinder us. Some are just habits and do neither. Some habits can be so firmly ingrained in us, we cannot kick it no matter how hard we try. For me, smoking was that habit. For others it can be a love interest gone bad, another vice like alcohol or drugs, etc.
For me to become a non smoker, I actually replaced the habit with something a little healthier. Whenever I felt like a cigarette, I would have a Tic Tac (never did like smoking after eating a mint). After a few months the habit was kicked to the kerb, and I had minty fresh breath! Now I need to replace an eating habit with an exercise perhaps!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 Love Languages

I am re-reading (by audio) a great book by Dr Gary Chapman called "The 5 Love Languages". I love it when I learn something, even better if it enhances my life. And I always love it when I walk away from a book or a learning and I'm using what I learned to enhance my life and hopefully others immediately.
This book talks about how we all "fill up our love tank" differently. Some people need their partners to give them affirmations, some need quality time from their partners, etc.(Can't tell them all, it will spoil the book for you). What I found interesting was that some people have the same language however are still not happy because they haven't communicated what their needs are. Interesting!

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