Monday, September 28, 2009

Top 25 Positive Philosophy Songs

I came across this list on the net of the top 25 positive philosophy songs(at Rhapsody Music Thought I would share them with you. I downloaded them and made myself a cd-happy philosophy music that goes anywhere with me really!

Three Little Birds By Bob Marley
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong(of course!)
All You Need is Love by The Beatles
Ac-cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive by Ella Fitzgerald
Put a Little Love in Your Heart by The Isley Brothers
Love Train by The O'Jays (OK?)
Heart of Gold by Neil Young
What's Going On? by Marvin Gaye
A Beautiful Morning by The Rascals
Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves (try putting that on your headphones and walking slowly-impossible!)
Simple Man by Lynryrd Skynyrd
I Can See Clearly Now by Johny Nash
The 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel
Peace Train by Cat Stevens
Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder
Beautiful Day by U2
Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin (of course, that's why it's the name of this blog and my ring tone and on my business cards etc)
Thank You For Being a Friend by Andrew Gold
Lovely Day by Bill Withers
Top of the World by The Carpenters
Dancing in the Streets by Martha and the Vandellas
Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone
Hold on Tight by Electric Light Orchestra
Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
Definitely some 'oldies but goldies' on there. Let me know if you can think of anymore, maybe even some current ones. I'm thinking of 'Like it Like That' by Guy Sebastian and 'I Gotta Feeling' by Black Eyed Peas.
Got any more?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another passion of mine

Yesterday, a friend of my husband's asked if I could be the 'official' photographer at his 50th birthday celebrations. I was extremely happy to do this as I love being behind the camera and taking photos of things is my way of recording the memories. It helps living in the now as you have photos and dvd's to remind you and you don't have to store the memory in your mind (where over time the image and memory changes anyway).
Taking photos for me is also a fantastic way to observe people. You actually have a reason to do it. I enjoy taking photos of people when they aren't watching you so they are at their most natural and relaxed. Well I took over 250 photos just in one afternoon (the beauty of digital, hey!). And I have now downloaded them onto my laptop, cropped and corrected exposure where necessary and made them into a movie by also adding music and created a dvd. It's the guy's birthday tomorrow so I would love for him to have the dvd for tomorrow so he can watch it with the people who will be celebrating his actual birthday with him.
Thanks for the opportunity to be your official photographer, Fong. I loved it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

There's nothing like a change!

A big thanks to Lady Di for referring me to Cutest Blog on the Block where I got this fantastic background. Certainly has changed the look of things!

Monday, September 21, 2009

World Peace Day

Well, I've had it marked on my calendar for some time now. I read about it last year on about the 22 of September, I think. I have been waiting all year to enjoy it. There are lots of things happening in Australia to promote World Peace Day. What can you do to share in the celebrations of this day? Here is the link to the world peace website:

I have decided to email some world leaders and, well I am messaging and blogging many people to let them know. What will you do? I would love it if you commented on my blog or emailed me to let me know.

Have a very peace full day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's what you think!

You know, I'm not a doctor or a mental professional. I'm a coach. I coach people to lighten up in their lives and to take the little things in their life a little less seriously. I coach people to release the need to control everyone and everything in their lives and to see where it takes them. I coach people to achieve goals and to complete study. I coach people to create and build small businesses. You want to know what the single most common thing they all talk about? They all talk about what they don't want in their lives. They all spend mountains of time focusing on, talking about, dreaming of and repairing all the things they don't want in their life. People speak to me about their overwhelming position and are at their wit's end with their situation, whatever that is. It never fails to amaze me that the one most single reason why people are unhappy, is that they think unhappy thoughts; about the things they don't want in their life.
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, "You know, you're a bit of spunk!". When was the last time you said to yourself "you know, today was a job well done." When was the last time you celebrated anything you have done in your life? I don't mean celebrate as it drink alcohol or overeat, I just simply mean celebrate. It could be as simple as having a bath at the end of a really busy day and saying to yourself, "you worked really hard today and you deserve a nice long hot bath" or it might be having a beer and revisiting all the great things you achieved that day. If you were to think of 3 things you did well today, what would they be? How could you celebrate those things? Try doing this every day this week and see if you notice anything change in your life. You might even need to do this for much longer than just one week to notice any changes, I guess it depends how entrenched you are in the negative thought patterns.
If you want good things in your life, think good thoughts. Think about all the good things you do and have in your life. If you are having trouble moving from living in the past and being anxious about the future, focus on the positive. If you find yourself thinking about the things that have happened to you that you didn't want to happen, start asking yourself "So what do I want?". Put some action around these ideas. Make some changes toward getting what you want in your life instead of dwelling on what you don't want. It is amazing how quickly life changes. And if you are finding it challenging to stay motivated, look me up, give me a call and let's chat.

Monday, September 7, 2009

See what you can do

I wanted to share with you a testimonial I received today from a friend of mine who is living in the UK. I love hearing news and comments like this. As a coach and as a person, I love hearing how amazing people do things to make the changes in their life they want to make. And I love sharing their excitement at what their life now holds for them. So thanks for sharing this with me, Alicia.

Hello jillbrown...just read your latest blog, always enjoy reading what you have to say, you put a link to jack canfield in a short time ago and i listened to it about 3 weeks ago and signed up for his monthly newsletter anyway to cut to the chase, THANKYOU !!! went on a holiday a week in tenerife, needed some heat, dont get any here in the uk, had a fab time, lots of time to think, i have enrolled in an access to nursing degree course....thought i had to stay in england forever cause now have nothing to come back to aus for, got home from holiday to a phone call from jacks coaching team, had a one hour session, bought the book Success Principles working through it and WOW.... it all makes sense and the sessions i had with i get what you were saying, do i accept 100% responsibility for where i am ... so to move on i will be back to australia to do my bachelor of nursing, by this time next year and hopefully to have some coaching from you, lots of love xxx Alicia

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A coach isn't for everyone

As most of you may (or may not) know, I like to interact with social media sites so I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I tell you this blog was inspired by reading tweets on twitter. The tweet I am speaking of is a quote and comes from a person by the name of Gary Keller. I tried to do my own research of this person but came up with nothing. I guess really it's irrelevant to what I am about to say anyway. The quote however is very relevant. It is 'A coach isn't for everyone-you must RESOLVE to be pushed'.
It ties in with something that a friend of mine has recently said to me. She said 'I didn't see what you did as important. I just thought if you had a problem you worked it out.' What has now happened unfortunately is things in her life have become overwhelming and we have been working through some things together to help her see the little ray of light at the end of the tunnel. It's a step by step process. I keep going back to the old saying 'How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.' And that is exactly how a coach helps their clients get things in order. One step at a time. And is a coach for everyone? Well as Gary Keller says, only if you are ready to move forward. My friend could stay in the past and focus on the hurt or what is now missing or what she used to have, but she is going be brought into the future no matter what. She can either go kicking and screaming and getting dragged there or she can start thinking about what that future might hold for her and start a little bit of dreaming about what she wants it to look like.
I have worked with clients before who I had done pro-bono work with (complimentary sessions, basically). Most of these clients were grateful for those sessions and used them to the make the changes they felt were necessary. I have found though that clients who are paying clients are much more ready to be pushed and ready to move ahead in their lives. You really need to have absolutely had enough of what you have been having, to get to this point though. And truly want something different in your life. Are you sick of lying in bed at night worrying and missing out on sleep? Are you sick of that constant running feeling inside? Do you wish your life was more organised? Do you wish you could lose weight? What is stopping you from just 'working it out'?(quoting my friend). If you want to change something because you know it's just not right or just not working, I would love for you to call. That's what I do! Are you ready to be pushed?