Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Huge Realisation

At the start of this year, I made a Bliss-O-Rama(similar to a vision board) with how I wanted my year to unfold. I look at it mostly every day. I was just sitting here staring at it and I have realised something amazing. Yesterday, I was in a shop trying on clothes. The shop assistant asked me what size I was. I replied that I was unsure as I had just lost 11 kilos.
Just now, I notice one of the quotes on my Bliss-O-Rama is that! It says "I've lost 11 kilos" and I have actually cut it out of a magazine! Visualisation at it's best I say!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out With The Old

Well the weight loss has slowed, which I know is a good thing. I lost only .3 kg this week. I was awake early this morning and so I have taken the opportunity to clear out all the clothes in my wardrobe I know don't fit me or that I used to used to hide under. I know the summer clothes will be ready to hit the racks soon (if they haven't already) and I wanted to be in a position to enjoy shopping for my new summer wardrobe. It's a great feeling!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Have Arrived!

As you know, thursday is weigh in day! And today is especially exciting. I knew I was close to goal and when I hopped on the scales this morning, it was to my delight that I saw I had well & truly passed my goal. This week I lost another 1.5 kg (which I would have thought at this stage would seem a lot more challenging to do). Now the challenge will probably be to stop the weight loss as now it's become a way of life. Not eating, I mean! Lol

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