Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's a word from one of my clients....

I received an email from one of my clients yesterday.  He experienced coaching with me throughout last year.  As a coach, it is fantastic to know that I have been able to supply him the tools to maintain his own momentum and put into play some things that he has wanted to get back into for a very long time.  If you are missing something or want to change something about your life, maybe you are just plain unhappy, why not call me and see if coaching can help you to make your life happier or better.

My client says:
I’ve finally pushed in the clutch and engaged first gear! And rolling along!!
Back into the camping which is great and have decided to go camping/boating at least once a fortnight.
I get out there and now realize what the hell i’ve been missing out on, what an idiot!

Thanks again for your help in getting me moving, i thought i was going to have to come back end of last year,
but i’ve managed to get moving again , thank god! or should i say you!

I’m finding some of the people working for me are still draining me a bit, one in particular,
so i’ve started switching off from him, his negative energy just radiates from him like a lightbulb,
he doesn’t even have to open his mouth, it just pours out of him!

I’ve started listening to mike losier again in the car, sometimes i just play it over and over.
It’s just nice positive simple to understand stuff that makes sense.

If you know of anymore stuff like losier please let me know, i love it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Journal Your Gratitude

If you have tendencies to always look for the worst in others, that is all you will see and in turn thinking about the Law of Attraction, that is what you will get more of.  In my own personal opionion, this is how most relationships break down.  We are always looking for the bad in others as that is how we have been conditioned over our life.  And then we spend so much time looking for the bad in someone, we start to think that is all they are made of.
We are all made up of so much more than good or bad.  Try to practice looking for things you are grateful for in others.  You will be more in the present for starters(as you are trying to catch them doing things you are grateful for) and you will start to see people's positive points and therefore you will get more of that from the people around you.
Why not take it a step further?  Keep a record of all that you are grateful for in a 'Gratitude Journal'.  You can keep track of people you are grateful for, nature events, people's words, your own thoughts or actions, the list is endless.
Now, when will you write in your gratitude journal?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping Motivated

What keeps people motivated are new ideas and activities, tiny bite size achievable goals, praise for the right actions and activities and a fun and enthusiastic approach.  When you are next working towards a bigger goal, take these points into account when drawing up your action plan.  Brainstorm your ideas and keep them handy, set yourself small bite sized goals, reward and praise yourself for the right behaviour and remember HAVE FUN!  

I recently wrote this piece whilst I was camping, not knowing what was to follow.  Then along came this brilliant idea, sparked off by a conversation with a dear friend and what has unfolded is this:

It's one of my new blogs and if you haven't already checked it out, please do so and let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grateful for our relationships

I read this quote by one of my friends on Facebook the other day.  It is by Rhondalyn Korolak and she says "We don't fall in love with someone else.....we fall in love with the way we feel about ourselves when that person is around."
It made me stop and think.  To me, that is absolutely true.  For all relationships.  It is about how you feel when you are with that person.  You know, we talk about being around like minded people because you feel good when you are.  It also kind of contradicts the 'living in the present' thing as well.  If you are totally present it shouldn't matter how someone else is as it is only of consequence at the moment it is happening.  So I have to confess.  I'm a little confused.
What I do know is you can enhance relationships by focusing on the good things about someone (or about the situation) or by simply living in the present instead of overthinking or thinking prolongingly about something someone has done or said.  And this is what I choose to do.
I am very grateful for all my relationships, even the ones where I have the most grateful are you for your relationships?  When you are lying in bed, preparing for sleep, think of someone who is very special to you.  Think about what you are most grateful for in regards to that person and mentally, say thank you to them.  If it were your family (husband, partner, children, parents etc) what would you mentally say thank you to them for?  What are you most grateful for in regards to that person?  You may, as previously suggested, feel motivated enough to send them a small note or some communication telling them how you appreciate them  Give it a go tonight, before sleep.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic or how you feel after trying this tip.  Look forward to your comments. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

"You have your way.  I have my way.  As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), Germany

Celebrate Similarities

At this time of year, some of us have probably spent more time than usual attending group celebrations with a diverse range of people; family groups, groups of friends, acquaintenances, workmates, etc.  When you are mixing in a group, you can easily become aware of many differences within that group; points of view, likes and dislikes, temperaments and dispositions, routines, personalities, etc.  At times, your immediate, impulsive reaction to this is to judge, gossip and berate.  To accept that others are different to you and to rejoice that variety is a challenging yet satisfying place to be.  It also allows you to celebrate when you find similarities.

How was your festive season?  Were you accepting of others?  Did you relax and let it all go over your head? 

I hope you had a fantastic New Year beginning.  Are you starting to focus on your goals for the new year/decade?  I am thinking of blogging some ideas for setting goals and creating focus so you can achieve your goals more readily.  Would you be interested?  Let me know some questions you would like some suggestions for and I will attempt to answer them or find the answers.