Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Theme song?

For those of you who have spent time with me or seen some posts from me on Facebook, you will know I don't mind a bit of music.  If you have been in my car or house, you will know I like it loud mostly.  It inspires me to do many things; cleaning (ugh!), jogging, gym, cooking, driving, coaching, working, being present etc.  So as I was driving home from watching some amazing fireworks last night I proudly announced to my 11 year old son (who is currently OVER my current music obsession of electro swing) that this year I was going to have a theme song.

So whilst lying in bed this morning, I picked up my ipod and within the first 10 songs on my ipod I found my theme song: "Always a Winner" by Pete Murray. I imagine that when I walk through doors this year, that song will play (well maybe in my head...) just prior to me walking in the door/room, etc. When I messaged my friend to let her know, she said it inspired her to get a collection together as a soundtrack.  I thought "What a great idea!" so I set about creating a playlist on my ipod called 2012.  Some tracks I picked because the music is upbeat and inspires me, others I chose because the words are positive and motivating.

Without further ado, here is my 2012 playlist:

1. Always a Winner by Pete Murray
2. Baby, I'm Gettin' Better by Gyroscope
3. Back To Life by Soul 11 Soul
4. Barbara Streisand by xxxx
5. Beautiful People by Chris Brown
6. Big Fun by Inner City
7. Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder
8. Dynamite by Taio Cruz
9. Eye of the Tiger (of course!!) by Survivor
10. Feeling Good by Nina Simone
11. Firework by Chris Sligh (this one is off the Soul Surfer movie)
12. Good Feeling by Flo Rida
13. Good Life by Inner City
14. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
15. It's Your Life by Francesca Battistelli (again from the Soul Surfer movie)
16. Keep on Movin' by Soul 11 Soul
17. T'aint What You Do by Mildred Bailey
18. Joe Palooka by Phillipa Alexander

What's your theme song this year?  Is 2012 the year you create your very own playlist of inspiring favourites?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Huge Realisation

At the start of this year, I made a Bliss-O-Rama(similar to a vision board) with how I wanted my year to unfold. I look at it mostly every day. I was just sitting here staring at it and I have realised something amazing. Yesterday, I was in a shop trying on clothes. The shop assistant asked me what size I was. I replied that I was unsure as I had just lost 11 kilos.
Just now, I notice one of the quotes on my Bliss-O-Rama is that! It says "I've lost 11 kilos" and I have actually cut it out of a magazine! Visualisation at it's best I say!

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