Monday, June 22, 2009

What you think you get!

I was sitting in my office, listening to a fabulous MP3 download by Jack Canfield (you know, the guy who wrote the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books) and I thought there is loads of great tips and ideas in there, maybe others want to listen. So here's the link:

I downloaded it with the idea that I would listen to it when I had more time, started to listen to check that it had downloaded properly and then got captivated by it. Hope you enjoy it. It doesn't take long to download but it takes about an hour to listen. You could always save it for a rainy day-oh that's today!
Have a fantastic week!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What is a great holiday?

On the Queen's birthday long weekend, my family joined another family for a fabulous camping holiday. We left Saturday morning (very early......up at 4 am, on the barge by 6.30). We went camping at North Stradbroke Island for four days, returning home lunch time Tuesday. Fantastic weather, great company and campfires.....what more could you ask for.

While I was there, I was thinking about how relaxing it was and how I have always found camping relaxing even when I was a Bank Manager. I was thinking about how I used to find that the best holidays (best=the ones where I relaxed the most) were camping holidays. I didn't know then what I know now of course. I used to tell people that when I went camping I would relax straight away, whereas if I went to a unit or resort, I would just start to relax and it would be time to go.

Now, I would say, that in a completely different environment such as camping, nothing is routine. You are totally present even when you are washing up! You are more aware of your surrounds as there is nothing 'routine' about them. Even still now, I am completely relaxed when camping as soon as I get in the car to go there. Of course, I have learned skills to bring living in the present into my everyday life and so can feel equally 'un-stressed' at home in hectic times or at a resort.

But it is fantastic to have a short break, get in touch with nature and RELAX!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Most Challenging Hour

Look out! I've worked out how to change my font colour!
I realised this morning, my most challenging hours of switching off my mind is in the middle of the night. For some reason, I was woken very early this morning (3 am) and paid a visit to the bathroom (too much information, I know). I went back to bed with full intentions of returning to slumber (isn't that what's on your mind at 3 am). No, it wasn't to be so. My mind was 'out of control' I guess you could say. It was having a tantrum, perhaps. It was going to be heard and no matter what I tried I could not return to slumber. One of the things my mind was involuntarily thinking about was my newsletter. And the other thing my mind was thinking about was the Gratitude Retreat for which I am on the committee. So I asked myself, 'Can I take action on either of these two things?'. Unfortunately, the answer I came up with was 'Yes' and here I am at 6.30 am. Been up since 4 am! It has been a very productive two hours, however. Did you receive my newsletter? And now you are reading my blog (and in blue font at that). Have you yet heard about my coaching special for the month of June(see below)? I bet the girls on the committee can't wait to see what I have cooked up for the Gratitude Retreat! And I have a wonderfully calm morning ahead of me with plenty of time to share with my family and be TOTALLY PRESENT! So maybe getting up at 4 am has many rewards. I'll let you know at 7 pm tonight! (or maybe I'll have a Power Nap for 10 mins sometime this arvo!) Well, as always, I hope you have a fantastic day. I know I will!
JUNE SPECIAL: If you start your coaching journey in the month of June, your investment will be half of what it normally is. If your journey starts with four hours, you will save yourself $130. I expect places will fill fast, so act now! If you have any questions please contact me, I'm happy to answer.