Thursday, May 27, 2010


Does this ever happen to you.  You are thinking of an old friend and then they call.  Or you think about something happening to someone and the next time you speak with them, they tell you, without knowing about your thoughts, that that incident actually happened to them.
I had this happen yesterday.  In the middle of the day I had a thought about a client and then dismissed this thought.  When I spoke with that client last night, I mentioned to her what thought had come to me and at what time.  She confirmed that approximately at the time, exactly what I had thought about actually took place.
Carl Jung, known as the founder of analytical psychology, calls this 'synchronicity' and says that these coincidences relate to the collective unconscious and that we may be more connected than we know or think.  It's almost a little spooky, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Every Day Challenges

Every person has their challenges in life.  Different people have different levels of challenges but to each and every person they are a challenge nonetheless.
I find to help balance the 'everyday challenges' it's beneficial to have something to look forward to.  Something you can use almost as an escape when the challenge is taking over your mind.
When I worked full time for someone else, I planned my holidays for the year.  When I returned from one holiday, I would book dates for the next holiday.  Sometimes the dates would already be booked.  And I would only have to change my focus from the past holiday to what action I can take to work toward the next holiday.
Sometimes in our lives we can get really caught up in our 'challenges' and we can forget to give ourselves something to look forward to.  I have heard of people who get to work hours before their start time and leave well after their finish time and have years worth of holidays accrued.
What are you looking forward to?  What do you need to do to give yourself something to look forward to?  What keeps you moving through the daily challenges?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Routine tasks

Most people I speak with say it is when they are performing routine tasks that their mind goes to auto pilot.  If that's the case for you, mix it up  a little; use a new tool or product, perform the task at a different time, try a different technique, add some music, burn some incense or oils, or practice being aware of the sensations you are feeling.  Or think of things that help you stay in the present and incorporate them into your routine tasks.