Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fire in Your Belly

Oh I was just reading on a little further in my diary and came across the source where I read about the fire in your belly.  Actually, what it says is that both Chinese and Japanese traditions of healing indentify with an inner power that is said to be located three finger-widths below and two finger-widths behind the navel.  Apparently, creative endeavour comes from this point of potency and when embarking on a personal project we should make a conscious effort to breathe into this area, known as "fire in your belly" and experience the flow of energy which gives life to your project.

A Journey of Discovery

Sounds a bit cliche really...and I'm almost loathed to say this out loud.  Last year, I mapped out what I thought were great goals, one being to commit to making healthier food and exercise choices.  They say what you focus on you get and I ended up doing 12 months learning about healthy food choices for my family just so as my son could recover from being unwell.  So it doesn't always come in the way you might originally plan but will certainly manifest as it has to.
For 2011, I am looking more at a little self discovery.  The process of what I experienced this year had me questioning my ability to teach others about peace and calm when given a very tricky and extremely uncontrollable situation, I really struggled with peace and calm.  I know that I wouldn't be human if I totally sailed through the situation in a state of peace and calm and who knows what it would have been like if I didn't know and practice what I did.  The fact that I questioned my ability was enough to bring my goals back more to me. 
And it seems the universe is helping me out.  The idea I have for my Lifescrap365 is focused on me (I'm not really sure where it came from actually!) and I sat down this morning to finish looking 'completely' at some of my Christmas gifts and started to look through the beautiful diary my sister sent to me.  It's called "Mind, Body & Spirit Book of Days" and the first page in January starts with "Follow Your Passion".  It talks about tossing out the "New Year, New You" makeover plan, which I do always go into the new year thinking about how this year is going to be different.  As it says, everything you need for a year of passionate self-discovery is coiled up inside.  It gives an affirmation and it also gives something to practice (The Passion Quiz) and a Project (Assemble a Bliss-o-rama).  As I sit here typing, I'm thinking that my plan for the year is unfolding.  I might just walk you through my year, here, of uncoiling my inner self.  I'm feeling very brave; nervous even...thinking about what if....  Well, I guess I need to clear out those thoughts as those are the ones that lead me to my food journey this year.  Well with that little burst, I'm keen to continue breathing deeply into somewhere below my belly button in the pit of my stomach (I read yesterday that is where the fire of passion is) and map out some more.  **big deep breath** "I'm uncovering the talents and desires that will help make 2011 my most memorable year." (Affirmation from Book of Days)