Monday, January 4, 2010

Celebrate Similarities

At this time of year, some of us have probably spent more time than usual attending group celebrations with a diverse range of people; family groups, groups of friends, acquaintenances, workmates, etc.  When you are mixing in a group, you can easily become aware of many differences within that group; points of view, likes and dislikes, temperaments and dispositions, routines, personalities, etc.  At times, your immediate, impulsive reaction to this is to judge, gossip and berate.  To accept that others are different to you and to rejoice that variety is a challenging yet satisfying place to be.  It also allows you to celebrate when you find similarities.

How was your festive season?  Were you accepting of others?  Did you relax and let it all go over your head? 

I hope you had a fantastic New Year beginning.  Are you starting to focus on your goals for the new year/decade?  I am thinking of blogging some ideas for setting goals and creating focus so you can achieve your goals more readily.  Would you be interested?  Let me know some questions you would like some suggestions for and I will attempt to answer them or find the answers.

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