Monday, September 7, 2009

See what you can do

I wanted to share with you a testimonial I received today from a friend of mine who is living in the UK. I love hearing news and comments like this. As a coach and as a person, I love hearing how amazing people do things to make the changes in their life they want to make. And I love sharing their excitement at what their life now holds for them. So thanks for sharing this with me, Alicia.

Hello jillbrown...just read your latest blog, always enjoy reading what you have to say, you put a link to jack canfield in a short time ago and i listened to it about 3 weeks ago and signed up for his monthly newsletter anyway to cut to the chase, THANKYOU !!! went on a holiday a week in tenerife, needed some heat, dont get any here in the uk, had a fab time, lots of time to think, i have enrolled in an access to nursing degree course....thought i had to stay in england forever cause now have nothing to come back to aus for, got home from holiday to a phone call from jacks coaching team, had a one hour session, bought the book Success Principles working through it and WOW.... it all makes sense and the sessions i had with i get what you were saying, do i accept 100% responsibility for where i am ... so to move on i will be back to australia to do my bachelor of nursing, by this time next year and hopefully to have some coaching from you, lots of love xxx Alicia

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