Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Listen to your Intuition

Can you hear your intuition?  I know when I am very stressed and not living in the present, I find it difficult to hear my intuition.  Take last year for example.  My son was ill.  I took him to the doctor on about day 2.  The doctor wasn't helpful at all and in fact made insinuations about his health that I found insulting to him and to me.  I found another doctor, etc.  Eventually, after 3 months, the medical world said they had done all they could and they had no explanations as to what was happening.  Out of sheer desperation I started going to naturopaths.  The first one I saw who apparently specialised in helping stomach disorders in children obviously had her own beliefs and was not the solution.  Then I found "Achieving Health".  I even love the name.  They were very supportive and were a solution right from our first visit. 
Now, when I went to the first doctor and she was no help, I did have a little voice in my head say 'take him to a naturopath' however I didn't listen to it.  I was very stressed about what it might be and didn't want to mess around with something that might not fix him.  I'm wondering if I was living in the present, might I have listened to that little voice.  It would have saved me a lot of time, money and heartache!
And I know hindsight is a wonderful thing, however I really do believe that when you are more present in your life, you are able to hear your intuition more clearly.  I guess that's just one of the reasons why finding 5 or 10 mins a day to be in the now is very important. 
Some things I use to help me be present are:
1. Close my eyes and focus on my breathing.
2. Create something; baking, scrapbooking, photography are my things to help me be present.
3. If I can go somewhere that is beautiful to look at; the beach, a hill to look at the skyline of Surfers, the park.  They all instantly bring me into the now as they eye candy and I can't help not be there soaking up their beauty.
4. Do something with my full attention.  Like now, writing this blog, I am totally obsorbed in writing.  I am not thinking of something else (it's impossible for me to write and think of something else anyway!).
5. I spend 5 or so minutes focused on one thing.  It could be flower in the garden, my bliss-o-rama board, a photo.  I try to absorb as much about that one thing as I can.

So what will you do today to bring yourself into the present and allow your intuition to come through?

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