Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grantham Need Your Help

When the inland tsunami hit Grantham on 10 January 2011, they had little warning of it's arrival.  It tore a small, close knit community into tiny pieces and spat it out the other end.  The loss and devastation in Grantham has been unfathomable for most of us.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot understand what they have been through and are still continuing to live with.
To compound matters, when everyone else affected by the flooding received Australia wide assistance from volunteers, for the most part, Grantham was isolated; declared 'a crime scene' so the army and emergency personnel could perform the grim task of making the area safe and searching for victims.
Then we all went back to our lives.  Here we are over two months on and going about our daily routine.  Yet the people of Grantham are still in need of our assistance; whatever we can provide.
Do you have a few hours or a day to help out Grantham?  Or maybe you have no time to help but a few gold coins in a money box at home?
If you live on the Gold Coast, there are two ways you can help out.  Firstly, if you have a day you can spare, PCYC Monaco Street, are organising a bus to take volunteers to Grantham on Sunday, 27 March (this coming Sunday).  If you can spare a few hours, but not on Sunday, I have volunteered to supply the volunteers with morning and afternoon teas so you may be able to bake something.  If you have a few spare gold coins and no time, water and poppers would also be gladly received by the volunteers on the day.
Please, if you can help in any way, contact me by phone on 0428 391 890 or by email (go to 'view my complete profile on the right hand side of this blog then click on 'email me' link) so I can provide you with more details.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  1. I could send some soap, if someone from Brisbane could pick it up? Handmade soap for people who live there and also for the volunteers as cleaning up is a mucky business.

  2. Eliza, thanks for your very generous offer to donate. We have opted to take a waterless wash to Grantham as we don't know what facilities there will be where we are going to use soap and water. I know Danielle Crismani from Baked Relief ( was putting together care packages for the people of the Lockyer. And she is in Brisbane. Maybe she could utilise your donation. Thank you for thinking of us.