Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Incorrect Assumptions

I have been 'waiting' (of sorts) to hear from someone for some weeks now.  Occasionally, I have bandied about the idea in my head that perhaps I have done something to upset that person, or when I said or did 'X' that person may have taken offense to that.  That's how our mind works, isn't it?  You think about stuff that, in reality, may or may not have happened but your mind tries to put the worst ever spin on things sometimes.  This has happened so many times to me and then I will eventually here from that person and they will say they have been extremely busy, or something happened in their life and they just weren't able to talk about it to anyone because it helped not to talk about it or for whatever reason they didn't get in touch, it was all innocent.
It's funny how with little or no 'evidence' our mind can create such an imaginative story from our underlying fears.  The truth usually isn't anywhere near as sinister as our mind makes it out to be.
Some things that I try in situations like this when I am waiting to be in contact with someone:
1. Take some deep breaths.  Yes I know, it seems like it's my answer to everything.  It really does help.
2. Try to be in the present and try to be focusing on the people, places and events I am in contact with now and enjoy them.
3. If that is the case and someone has taken offence or become upset and haven't taken the time to discuss it with me, there really isn't a lot I can do about it anyway.  Let it go.  I know I have absolutely no control over other people, I only have control over myself and what I do (and I say this to myself over and over to try to reassure myself when I start thinking about not communicating with this other person).
4. Try to stay busy instead of sitting around idle.  When I'm busy, I live more in the present.
5. Write a letter or write some notes in a journal.  Not to send it or give it to that person, more like a cleansing process for my mind and heart.

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