Sunday, March 14, 2010

Practice What I Preach

Well this week is certainly going to be a great time for me to really practice what I have been writing and reading about for the last couple of years.  My son is going into hospital (fingers crossed) on Tuesday for a procedure to help to heal him.  We will be in there for two days and two nights.  I am thinking I will need to stay in the moment for strength and also to be calm and also to wait until the results pan out rather than pre-empting them.
The old me would have already made up some fairly elaborate, scarey stories in my mind by now and the old me would be revisiting that visualization often in the build up to going off to the hospital.  I would most certainly be sick in the stomach with nerves and anxiety by now. 
My son certainly did this at first when he heard what his options were and he was dead against having this procedure.  He built a visualization based on fear of the unknown and fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) itself.  When we got all the information, his visualization of what was going to happen changed; it was an informed one and he actually chose this solution which goes a long way when you think about what it could have been like taking him to hospital on Tuesday.
So now when and if I think about what is going to happen, a lot of the emotion has been removed (certainly the fear side of it anyway).  We are thinking of it in an excited way.  Knowing that it will bring relief to his pain and that he can be a normal kid again.  We are also thinking it's a little bit like going on a holiday.  You still prepare in similar ways; pack your clothes and toiletries, pack your favourite toys (mine are in don't worry!), let your family know where you can be reached etc.  The only difference is on this adventure it will just be the two of us instead of the whole family.  That in itself also has it's positives too.
I will keep you posted(well in a week or so), when he is back on the right track, of how the procedure went and how well I put into practice my knowledge and experience of living in the moment. 

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