Monday, March 29, 2010

Stop the Stress-Breathe in Life

Here I was, just before, at my desk, writing my newsletter and still having a bit of inner turmoil about the fact that we have a huge water leak and it's going to be a bit of a task to fix it.  Anyway, I realised, we have taken all the action we can, at this point in time to rectify the situation.  I sat there, looked out my window at my beautiful garden and took three deep breaths; I listened to the sounds of the birds and cars, I looked at the leaves on my frangipani tree and rubbed my barefeet on the carpet.  Life is good! 
In our day, too many of us (me inclusive) forget to breathe and we breathe too shallow.  Stop for a moment during your day (aim for a minimum of 3 times) and remind yourself of deep breathing and how good it feels.  Take at least 3 three deep breaths each time you stop for that moment.  Please share if you try this as to what results, if any, you get.

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