Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Smells

A way to improve our happiness levels is to smell happy smells.  Smells that are uplifting for us.  This is different for everyone.  Here are a list of smells that might make it onto your 'Happy Smells' list:
Burning scented candles or incense
Having a fresh bunch of sweet smelling flowers nearby
Bake a cake; carrot cakes are good or any other spicy scented cakes(let's face it, any baking smells good, whether it's a cake, biscuits or dinner)
Cook a curry (continuing along on the spicy smell theme)
Your favourite perfume (or aftershave for the guys)
Plant your favourite sweet smelling bush (gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine, frangipani) near a window where you spend a great deal of your time
Take a bath with your favourite bubble bath or essential oil
Burn some essential oils in an oil burner
Mow the grass (yes, some people feel happy when they smell the smell of freshly cut grass)
What are Happy Smells for you?  What can you do right now to smell a happy smell?  When I put my son to bed at night, we often discuss the best smell we smelt that day.  It's fun.

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