Friday, May 15, 2009

Trying it out

Well this week, I found myself attending an interview for the first time in about 20 years. There were 18 positions for which there were over 200 applicants. I was really determined to put my latest skills to the test. In the past I would have been extremely nervous coming up to the interview. From about 3 days before, really. You know, fequent toileting (too much information I know), not eating too much because of a queasy stomach, all the rest that goes with that type of anxiousness. So I stayed in the present. The only time I put any time into thinking about the interview was in the morning when I was preparing for it. I chose my plan of action, reread my application and then got ready. There was a tendancy every now and then to pre-empt what was going to happen (if only I had a crystal ball) but who knows. I thought about the positive outcome I wanted and then re-focused on what was happening right at that moment (good thing I did especially driving there!). Even throughout the interview, I stayed with the moment. Remaining calm, I found it much easier to actually focus and think more clearly than if I had of allowed myself to be nervous. I even went as far to remember about using body language to help build rapport. I walked out feeling great, not only about how the interview went but also about how much better I felt staying in the present. Who knows if I'll be the right person for the position, all I know is I gave it my best shot. Enjoy your weekend. I will! I'm off to create at a scrapbooking retreat.


  1. You go girl, I'm sending my positive vibes your way too. Good luck.

  2. well done mate!
    Have taken the time to check out your blog and have found it really rewarding. All things happen for a reason. I needed some positive thought's tonight and there they were.
    Thanks, will keep posted