Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peace & Calm

I was thinking today in the car about my next blog and I thought maybe I should expand on the headline 'Living a relaxed, calm life without changing a thing!'

When I speak with prospective clients, they sometimes say they would need to change their whole world. When mapping out with a client, what it is they want from their life and what they want to achieve in our coaching journey, most clients say they want to live a peaceful, calm life or they want to enjoy their family/life more. 'That's all I want', they say. They talk about the stresses in their life which mostly they are unable to change(e.g. their mortgage, how busy their business/career is, their hectic family life, etc) or wish not to change as it has it's rewards. The stress doesn't come from the mortgage, the business etc, it comes from what our minds create around that. And this is what I mean when I say you can live a calm and relaxed life without changing a thing (except your thoughts).

If you think about that in relation to the Law of Attraction belief that what you think about and focus on is what you attract, worry and stress just mean that you will get more of whatever you are worrying about and stressing about in your life. Great! Just what you need! Wouldn't you like to 'unworry' (to steal a phrase) and unstress-or putting it positively be relaxed and calm?

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