Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 8-Awesome Week!

Guess what? I cracked it! Hang on, let me back up 2 the start of the year. Last night I got my journal out & revisited the goals I wrote down at the start of the year. I ticked off a whole list of them that I have achieved (like eliminating refined sugar from my diet & eating 80% of the good stuff & 20% meats & carbs) and there were 5 I hadn't been able to tick off. Some I was on my way but I hadn't completed yet. One of those goals was to get under 60kg. I gotta say I felt very close last night but I knew on the scales I hadn't actually reached it. Low and behold when I got up for weigh in day today, I have cracked the 60kg mark. All up for the 8 weeks I have lost 8.2 kg so I'm staring down the barrel of my last 1.5 kg. I am so excited, I almost can't contain myself. Today, look out world! I am dangerous!

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