Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diet is Die With a Capital "T"

I know you should always live a healthy life by eating the right foods and doing exercise.  I know what the 'right' foods are and when I am being very focused, most of the time I can eat right.  Exercise is easy for me.  I do exercise I enjoy and therefore I don't notice I'm exercising.  It's the eating right that is the most challenging for me.  Over the last 5 years I have managed to put on an extra 7-8 kilos and I find as I get older, it is more difficult for me to shift.  I am very addicted to sugar and get huge cravings for sugar.  I have tried to eat loads of healthy food and very little of the unhealthy, processed foods however it hasn't been long lasting.
I wouldn't say I am normally a 'fad diet' person either.  The only time I have really gone on a 'diet' is I usually do a detox once a year and years ago I lost weight through Weight Watchers which I wouldn't call a diet, I would call it eating healthy.  So, last night on a current affairs program on television (can't remember which one I was watching) they talked about a book/program called "The 17 Day Diet".  I went to the book shop this morning and spent a considerable amount of time reading, looking at the menu and weighing up whether or not to buy it.  I did in the end buy the book and have started reading.  My plan is that I am going to read the book and when I feel knowledgeable enough (and I have purchased the items I need to kick it off) I will start "The 17 Day Diet".  I hope you don't mind listening to my journey.  I'm planning to give you a regular update on what it's like, whether I'm being successful or not and how I feel, etc.  So stay tuned and I'll keep you posted.

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