Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cancer Management

I know this is an unusual topic.  I was reading a magazine today I picked up at Mrs Flannery's titled "Everyday Health", the summer edition and I was reading the articles in there about staying healthy.  One particular article prompted me to write this post as I thought how similar it was to what I bang on about here.  The article is called Natural Alternatives in Cancer Management by Fiona Chin N.D.  The solutions it gives to prevent and treat people with cancer are:
1. Remove external stress, as much as possible and allow your body to focus on healing.
2. Laugh!  5 nights a week you should be watchin movies or doing something that makes you laugh out loud.
3. Get out into nature.  Gettin outside for 45 mins a day is a great way to reduce your stress levels.
4. Surround yourself with loved ones, whether this is family, friends or your pets, surround yourself with positive, loving people. 
I thought, as I was reading it, how much it sounded like a perfect way to try to live life when you are healthy! 

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