Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working in the 'Now'

I had a bit of a revelation yesterday.  Most of my blogs are about how, as a person, you can utilise living in the present to create a peaceful and calm life.  In my coaching business, I coach individuals (who, incidentally are usually owners of small businesses) to bring peace, calm and fun into their lives.  After hearing someone's story today, I have realised the importance of linking the two; living in the present and getting more from you work. 
I, personally, discovered living in the present as a fantastic tool to increase the success of my coaching.  I have a practice I use before my coaching sessions to ensure when I coach, I am totally present and fully focused on each and every client and their own agenda (not mine or whatever is happening in my life at the time).  I never made the connection before though, of how this could benefit others in businesses other than coaching.
So, I hear you ask, what was this story I heard?  I heard about a guy who owns his own business and used to constantly take his work home; constantly thinking about work no matter where he was.  To avoid thinking about work other than at work, he created a practice of writing a 'to do' list of things he has to do the next day, before leaving work and then he does a sort of 5 minute "meditation" if you like, where he just focuses on his breathing and nothing else.  Then he goes home to his family and feels life is much more fun as work stays at work.  It removes the constant stress from his life and he feels much more relaxed.
That is when I realised the practice of being present at work for everyone could have loads of benefits.  What would being present at work mean for you?  Would it mean closing more deals?  Would it mean making less mistakes and thus increasing productivity?  Would it mean you might actually enjoy work?  I would love to hear what this could mean for you.  Please email me or comment on this blog. 

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