Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fact or fiction?

I wanted to share a tip which was just given to me by the lovely Leiza.  It is in regards to when your mind is making 'stuff' up.  What does that mean?  Well, you know when your friend says they will call you back and they don't.  Then, you start thinking they didn't ring me because........(they don't like me, I've done something to uspset them, they are sick, etc).
Leiza asks herself this question; Is it fact or is it fiction?  That is a great question, isn't it?  Do you have proof?  Usually the answer is know.  Go with the facts.  They haven't rung you back because they haven't rung you back.  It's as simple as that.  Thanks for sharing, Leiza.
What do you think about this question?  Leave me a comment or contact me direct.  You might have another great one to share.

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