Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Journey into Gratitude Retreat

On the weekend I attended a retreat completely different to anything I had ever experienced before. For starters I was on the committee and we had been organising it since January. I have organised girls weekends away before but never to the point of organising activities etc. From the outset, we were determined that we wanted a retreat to satisfy all the participants. We created a vision that encompassed everything each four committee members thought were important. With that in mind, we began planning speakers, activities, gifts and many other minute details. We put loads of energy and action into achieving this event.

It was to begin on Friday at 5 pm. As you can imagine, there almost wasn't enough time in the day on Friday. However, when 5 pm came along, we were in position and relaxed to welcome guests. We hosted some fantastic presenters; we had yoga, tai chi, speed manifesting, NLP, self gratitude, painting and Indian healing. We even had time to wedge in a 'Christmas in July' thanksgiving dinner. Well after all the Saturday night was the 25th.

All along the journey of organising this retreat, the four of us on the committee maintained that if we kept focused on what we wanted to achieve it would happen. And quite simply, that is what we did. We were clear on what outcomes we wanted and we stayed focused on that. If one of us lost focus, someone else was there to restore our faith and positive thinking.

We had hiccups, definitely. Our art therapy lady cancelled her presentation a week or so out from the retreat and on the day before the retreat, we had another presenter cancel. We stayed calm and focused and it all turned out perfectly.

I guess why I am sharing this with you is not only to reinforce that if you set your goals, take action toward them and stay focused then you can achieve whatever you want or turn things around to make them whatever you want them to be but also to reinforce that sometimes you come up against things that do trigger doubt or disbelief in your ability and with assistance from a coach, you can bounce back to where you want to be in next to no time.

So remember, if you are stuck in doubt or disbelief, call me.

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