Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dance Like ...

My husband has borrowed a kind of "boom box" for his father's 70th party.  It's a 70's for 70 party and this "boom box" has got a USB connection etc and let's just say my son has more knowledge about ipod connection than my husband and I put together.  As my son's ipod is filled with applications, it was sounding like my MP3 player was sounding like a good fall back position for the party in case the "planned music" doesn't come to fruition.  So we thought we would try to connect my MP3 to the "boom box".  When I plugged it in, I discovered a whole load of songs I had forgotten I had loaded onto it.  An album called "Housework Songs", 101 80's hits, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Michael Buble' and many many more.  Of course we cranked it up to test how loud it went, and then I trolled through the songs reminiscing.  My son and I were out by the pool listening and dancing away, laughing loudly and singing along.
It has been a long time since I have danced like no-one was watching.  And how exhilirating it was.  I could have danced all night!  It definitely increased my happiness levels.  So put your favourite tunes on your ipod or your stereo or your cassette player (LOL) and bop til you drop.  You might even attend some dance classes or boogie while you are doing your housework.  Whatever way you choose to put a little boogie in your day/night, let yourself be with the rythm of life called music.  (It's a great way to exercise to boot!)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I think you have an excellent idea there and I might just dance myself through some housework tomorrow! Thanks, Jill! Have a terrific weekend!