Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better Relationships

What do you focus on when having a conversiong with your family, your friends or your colleagues?  What about acquaintances and prospective clients?   I used to focus on what my feelings or experiences were.  For example; if someone was telling me about what they did on the weekend, instead of listening to their words and what they were saying, I was constantly thinking of other stuff.  So not only did I remember less about that person and their life, I also had reduced, self centred relationships.
Today in your relationships, whatever sort they are, try focusing on  the person who you are speaking with and their words.  Try providing them and your conversation together, with your undivided attention.  Then when it is appropriate to share, you will be able to share the right thing, idea or the right feeling as it will be present just simply from listening.  Notice what happens with the energy between you and that person.
I would love to hear your comments about what you noticed and how you felt, and if at all it changed anything for you.  Have a fun day!

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