Friday, November 27, 2009

Are you a multi tasker?

Well, it's getting to be a busy time of the year.  With many tasks requiring completion, sometimes it feels almost as if they all need to be done at once.  And so you step up the skill of multi tasking. 
BEWARE!  Do you get to the end of another multi tasking day, collapse in a heap on the sofa or your bed exhausted?  Multi tasking not only can decrease the results of the task, it also zaps your energy.  Not to mention the fact that the quality of your time spent doing these tasks will also be reduced (you won't enjoy any of the things you do) because you will be having difficulty staying in the present.  You will be focusing on all the things you are doing at once rather than that one thing, kind of like a juggling act.  I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed as I have felt it many times before and was starting to feel that this week, then I brought myself back into the present, stopped focusing on EVERYTHING I had to do and focused on one task and that feeling went away.  So how can you reduce your tasks or change your situation so you can enjoy everything you do and have a peaceful and calm life, even at one of the most busiest times of the year?  Here are some key questions that might help you to make some changes:
Could you set some personal policies around times that are only for your family or tasks or work?  Could you trust your gut instincts and say 'no' to those invitations your really not passionate about?  Could you block out days for Christmas shopping or regular tasks and say 'no' to anything else that comes along on those days?  Could you pass some of the tasks to other people?  Could you just simply stop thinking about those things and focus on the present and manage events in your diary?
If all else fails, give me a call.  I'm happy to help you gain some peace and joy over the festive season (and any time of the year really!).  So remember, living in the present is the key!
Remember this quote from Joan Rivers:
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, that's why we call it 'the present'.

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