Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Good Doctor

I was very proud of myself. I took advantage of a special offer and purchased heavily discounted tickets to go see one of my all time favourites, Dr Phil when he was in town on Friday night. Firstly, I have to tell you, I purchased the last Dr Phil T-Shirt in Australia and think I'm pretty lucky. My son tells me it's far too big for me and it makes me look fat. Care factor-nil. It's not like I'll be wearing my Dr Phil T-Shirt to the disco!
Now love him or hate him(and from what I know about people, they only fall into two categories when it comes to Dr Phil), he has some clear messages on all things from kids and families to taking care of your partner and having a successful life.
For me, Dr Phil reiterated lots of things I already knew about. Things like, How's that working for you? You know if you keep doing the same thing you will always get the same results. Why would you do the same thing and expect different results and he likened it to someone continuing to bang their head up against a brick wall (haven't we all felt like that at one time or another) and instead of stopping it and doing something else, just continuing to do it and expecting the pain to go away.
He also talked about Personal Truth which I will talk more on at another time along with 7 laws to success and other things. Again, it's probably all things that you have heard before, but by heck it's great to be reminded. And you know what? I actually found Dr Phil to be as funny as a comedian. Probably the raw truth in what he was saying. When I left my belly and my jaws ached from laughing. So that in itself are the tell tale signs of great night. Thank you Dr Phil for a great night out!


  1. Your words are interesting and certainly worth some consideration. As I value your opinions and judgments I shall reevaluate and reconsider my feelings/thoughts about Dr Phil and maybe create a third category - the more open minded and less judgemental group. One can learn from every experience so I shall take this opportunity to be less intolerant. Thank you Jilli.

  2. Well, hopefully your new group will grow in numbers. I love the sound of an open-minded, less judgemental group being the third group. I still love him! On this, I'm gonna allow myself to be judgemental on the positive side! But seriously, when you mention his name, that is what you get; either I love Dr Phil or I can't stand Dr Phil, I can't believe you went to see him!