Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another healthy idea

I have been definitely feeling the cold the last few days.  In winter, I am always trying to stay as healthy as possible.  You may remember my post this time last year about green smoothies.

Our latest family health tip involves a food processor and some fresh baby spinach and carrot.  As winter is the time to make soups and casseroles and mince dishes, we have been putting carrots or baby spinach (we usually do two different vegies on top of the tomatoes etc we use for the dish) in the food processor and then add them to the dishes as they are cooking.  I usually do the carrots first.  I peel them and cut them up into one inch chunks then wiz them then add them to the cooking dish.  Then I do the baby spinach.  A huge amount in the food processor and again wiz and add to the cooking dish near the end.  Kids don't even know they are in there.  You should have seen the look on Jacob's face when he heard me telling the naturopath that this is what I did.  Priceless. 

You could do it with practically any vegie:
*  Carrots
*  Baby spinach
*  Cauliflower
*  Broccoli
*  Celery
*  Beans
*  Sweet Potato
*  Tomatoes(although my son would say they are a fruit cos they have seeds!)

The list is only really restricted by your imagination and your green grocery.  I'd love to hear any of your vegie blend stories!  Stay healthy!

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