Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No New Posts?

Just thought I would quickly pop in to let you know I am on holidays in Western Australia.  I have absolutely had many challenging situations with living in the now.  I am enjoying the challenge.  It's also been fun to consciously revisit the past.  I am staying with my sister and we have had many fun times in the past and some of these have come flooding in during our many wonderful conversations. 
One of the most magical totally present moments have been watching as a Facebook friend, Rae Threnoworth from Blue Element Photography and Rae Marie Photography, took photos of my sister, her daughter (my niece) and her grandaughter at sunset.  I snapped some photos also, of course, of the sunset and my sister and her family on the beach.  To watch the sunset over the water is truly magical for someone who lives where the sun rises over the water. Here is a link to Rae's website: and here is a link to the first of the photos on flickr .  Rae definitely has a gift at capturing natural beauty.

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